Welcome to RHM and Associates

About Us

Our Background

RHM’s reputation has been gained through work with major national and international law firms, corporations, banks, hotels, restaurants and professional firms in all aspects of relocation, expansion and renovation projects. RHM also works closely in conjunction with building owners, leasing agents and brokers in preparing feasibility studies, work letters and space plans for prospective tenants.

RHM has a strong commitment towards the client’s needs and their desired image, rather than through a preconceived design philosophy. 

RHM has vast experience in new construction and remodels. We assist our clients with budget-sensitive options. With the ever changing work environment we can provide space plans, preliminary pricing and construction budgets.

RHM has had many requests to use environmentally friendly building products in tenant improvement projects. This is a growing trend that has been somewhat voluntarily executed, but is starting to be mandated in new development projects.


Our Approach

Owner Representative services include, but may not be limited to: Project team selection; building analysis for total cost of occupancy; budget preparation for all soft and hard costs; work letter negotiation; establishing project goals and client expectations; construction consultation; contract negotiations; evaluation of the project team’s performance; coordination and management of project team meetings; ongoing site visits; change order review and evaluation; project schedule analysis; review and approval of all periodic requests for payment; assisting in punch list and final project completion review. 


What to Expect

A principal of RHM and Associates will always be your main contact. RHM does not have a preconceived design idea or concept. Good design should stand the test of time and be functional. Each design project is unique to our client's requirements and budget. Budget concerns are taken seriously, you'll get options and value engineering.